Veg Chili

Our Vegetarian Chili is a hearty mix that is pleasantly fiery - spiced just right with jalapeño peppers. Click here to buy online.

Bold From the Beginning

It all began over 30 years ago. Jim Rosen, a pioneer in the natural foods movement, had a vision to create healthy foods that grabbed everyone’s attention. Back when "natural and healthy" meant "bland" to most folks, Jim created FANTASTIC foods. They were daring vegetarian recipes - colorful, original and naturally delicious! He insisted on using superior ingredients from as close to their natural source as possible. These ingredients were wholesome, natural, full of life and home-grown vitality. His spirited side dishes, soups and meals simmered with inventive culinary creativity. Fantastic World FoodsTM was the first to create many items that are now a mainstay in the food industry, including the first all-natural soups in a cup, the first mashed potato cups, the first authentic Asian Noodle soups, and the first all-natural soups and dips.
Today, FANTASTIC remains committed to creating boldly delicious foods that are full of goodness and flavor. FANTASTIC! 


What a delight to discover a new dish or recipe! Fresh and exciting! Your sensory experiences embrace a deeper understanding of the culture and geography from which this lovely food originates.
A culinary voyage across continents and cultures!

If you have an appetite for discovery, try Fantastic World FoodsTM
Our truly original ethnic and regional cuisines are specially crafted to stimulate all your senses. Native spices, vegetables, rice and grains combined in new blends of tastes, textures, colors and aromas. They’re vibrant! They’re creative! And they’re always all natural and organic! Read more>


It’s time to eat FANTASTIC!, a vibrant line of meals, side dishes and soups made to stimulate all of your senses. They’re all-natural or organic, energetic, flavorful and aromatic.. And because these wholesome foods are so easy to make, everything about FANTASTIC is joyfully spontaneous. When your food is full of life, it’s FANTASTIC.


What do you eat when you’re short on time and energy? FANTASTIC foods! Our chefs have crafted each and every one of our meals, side dishes and soups to bring you food that comes together in minutes. All-natural or organic, with wonderful ingredients, spices, rices, grains, and more... FANTASTIC foods are original, beautiful and absolutely delicious. Be inspired with FANTASTIC. Be FANTASTIC!


FANTASTIC makes every meal more meaningful. FANTASTIC foods create such a delicious impression. Our meals, side dishes and soups, made with all natural or organic ingredients, are inspired by the genuine goodness of farmers’ markets around the world. Vegetables, spices, rices, grains... that all taste fresh-picked. FANTASTIC is more than a meal. It’s an experience.

It’s a New Food Culture

FANTASTIC’s meals, side dishes and soups are original ethnic fusions creating a new harmony of tastes textures, colors and aromas. Stirring flavors and unique combinations of tantalizing spices bring all our dishes together with a familiar ethnic twist and set them a world apart. Join the fusion revolution -- a new world of healthy, exciting eating.

FANTASTIC is where natural and organic meet new and traditional cuisine.
Where foreign becomes familiar.