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When you are short on time and crave more than the ordinary, turn to Fantastic World Foods and enjoy the most popular and flavorful foods from around the globe. Authentic cuisine, ready in minutes. - That's Fantastic

Fantastic World Foods has been making Vegetarian Foods for over 30 years. We have an extensive following of vegetarians and “sometimes vegetarians” whose passion for flavor and convenience tastefully converge with our delicious and exciting protein alternative meal solutions.

Here at Fantastic, we are committed to providing our consumers with always vegetarian, Non-GMO entrées and sides with global flavor. We understand life is busy, so we make dinner quick and easy with no preservatives or artificial flavors. All our products are Kosher certified and packed in 100% recyclable cartons made from 100% recycled paper fiber.

We are vegetarian foods that love you back!

Fantastic World Foods
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Fantastic World Foods has been committed to making vegetarian foods for over 30 years. We are dedicated to sourcing high quality, Non-GMO ingredients to provide our consumers with a product they can believe in.

That's Fantastic!

We have proudly reformulated all of our products to be made without GMOs.

It wasn’t an easy task, but it was important to us and our consumers. Encouraging our suppliers to buy Non-GMO ingredients is the first step to creating a GMO free world. Together we can create change that’s better for ourselves and our environment.

All Fantastic World Foods products are produced without genetically modified (bioengineered) ingredients. We are enrolled with the Non-GMO Product Verification Program. Once verification has been completed, we will add the Non-GMO Project Verified logo to our product packages.

The following products are Non-GMO Project Verified: Arborio Rice, Basmati Rice, Jasmine Rice, 100% Organic Couscous, 100% Organic Whole Wheat Couscous.

What's New

See what’s happening from our world to yours. - That's Fantastic

A Brand New Look!

Check out our NEW LOOK! Our easy-to-prepare vegetarian entrees and sides are delivering the same incredible taste, but with a whole new style! Take a peek and we think you'll agree...
-That's Fantastic

Fantastic World Foods presents the best tasting, easy to prepare quinoa entrees! These delicious blends created from the prewashed organic quinoa. Quinoa is a complete source of whole protein, so these make extremely healthy entrees or side dishes!